Win a Bike that does not even exist yet.

How in the world can you do that?  I will let you know after I tell you a bit about the bike. What fun is it if you do not know what you are fighting for? Sycip has joined forces with Elden “Fatty” of team fat cyclist to come up with another one of his off the hook bike contests. This one is pretty sweet. The winner of the contest gets a SyCip Custom Classic Roadsterdripping in Dura Ace 7900 shifty and rolley bits as well as handling and sitting bits from Shimano’s Pro line. This is pretty much a dream bike.

What makes it cooler is that say you are like me and more or less in love with your road bike, but you want one of those awesome townie bikes, Sycip has you covered there as well. you can get a SyCip Custom Java Boy or Java Girl that will have the Alfine 11 speed shifty and rolley bits on it. You can get a bike that is not even built with a component system that does not even exist yet. Not only does Elden write a great blog, win father of the year in a landslide, and raise boatloads of cancer ass kicking money, but he is now a time shifter as well.  

How do you get this bike of the future you may ask, it is easy and only costs $5! If you are a member of Team Fat Cyclist, or you were thinking of becoming one, you can donate money to your own account. Every $5 gets you a chance at these bikes. Say that you are not joining team fatcyclist this year, but you still want a sweet ride, you can donate to Elden’s page and get in the mix for these sweet bikes. The catch…there is aways a effing catch…All of this philanthropy needs to be completed by June 17th at midnight MDT. So…go here to join team fat cyclist in your local livestrong challenge city and donate some $$$$$ to your account, Donate to your pre made account, or put a couple of fivers in Elden’s Seattle fundraising page then sit back and dream.

BTW. If you want to throw $5 in my account for giving you the heads up, that would not be so bad either.

One Response to “Win a Bike that does not even exist yet.”
  1. Hi there! I came across your blog during my daily spying-on-cyclers hour, and I was wondering if you wanted to help me spread the word to your readers about this very cool event the Arden Theatre in Old City is doing. We’re having a Bike-to-Theatre night on this upcoming First Friday, July 2nd. For patrons who bike to the show (Sunday in the Park With George, which if you ask me is a super awesome play well worth seeing), we’re offering free valet bike parking and half price tickets. It’s pretty rad. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 215.922.7011 or Thanks, and keep on biking!

    Natalia Razak

    PS – What is up with that atrocious bomb site of a bike line on 9th and Pine?

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