This Week In Philly Cycling

My last day of school and first day back at the bike shop just so happen to fall in this week. Those two events along with a family and friends trip to the postage stamp of a state, Rhode Island, are in store for me. Maybe I will talk about some riding up there, since I will miss a few of these fun events.

All week long, the Sharkfin bicycle crew is celebrating their Shark Week here in Philly. There are all sorts of events for the week, so instead of giving them all a write up, I will just post the schedule and let you figure it out. That is the true fun in the whole process. On Wednesday night, you could get your track (running, plyo, etc. the stuff that actually makes you faster) workout in with the folks from Break Away bikes. There is some opportunity for free coaching on your cross training skills. Show up around 5:30/5-45pm on Wednesday to warm up for your hour long session at the new track and field facility at S. 10th  & Bigler Streets,  (entrance to track 1/2 block up towards 11th). You could ride your bike, but there is PLENTY of street parking if one were to drive. Contact Todd Lippin of Breakaway Bikes & Fitness and 3D Racing Team/Toms Atlantic Cyclery for further info.

On Thursday, you could join some of the young folks that are working to keep university city a safe, productive, and vibrant part of the city. It seems that more and more folks are staying in West Philly after their college years and really making it a much better place to be than even just a few years ago. Join YOUCIE and the Philadelphia Bicycle Ambassadors for “Cycling in the City,” a happy hour and discussion to kick off the summer cycling season. From the happy hour at 5, and for the next two hours, there will be a chance to interact with other like minded folks that are making Philly into the great city that we can be. The BCGP Bike Ambassadors are going to give a presentation and lead a discussion on urban cycling. While eating the free apps and throwing back some $2.50 drafts and wine, I am sure the conversation will be mighty lively. If you RSVP, your first drink of the night is free, just tell them I sent you. email to RSVP.

Spend some of your Sunday morning giving back to the trails. The sometime rouge, always fun Belmont trials need some TLC once in a while. It seems that all the love is thrust upon the big sister trail system on the other side of the river. Keswick cycle along with the other folks like Ed of Wiss Cycles that take care of Belmont like it were their baby, are going to be running a clean up effort. From 11-3 on Sunday, we will be focusing on clearing the woods of trash and debris. We ask that volunteers bring about five durable trash bags per person (contractor bags work best) and suggest they wear long pants and long sleeves, work gloves, and take every precaution against poison ivy and ticks. Anyone who is exceptionally allergic to poison ivy will be best suited to cleanup outside the woods along the athletic fields and fire roads. This is the first in a series of clean up days that Keswick is going to run, so come on out with a few bags and some spare time to give back to the trails.

It seems like that might keep you busy for the week. Let me know of some events for next week. With the holiday coming, it should be a great week!


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