Way Beyond Applique

Roland, Ellie, Gerick, and the rest of the crew at RELoad have been just killing it on the canvas applique tip for a long time now. I remember when RELoad used to do embroidery, but it because to much of a hassle and expense for what their customers were looking for. They switched to sewing canvas on the flaps of their bags to reflect the designs of their customers. I have a simple four leaf clover on my bag from like 1998 or so, but they have progressed so much that the bags are like a wet t-shirt contest in the break room…not work safe. Sure you  could still beat the hell out of these bags on a daily basis and they would hold up, but you might just want to hold back and protect the piece of art on your back.

The techniques used in making their bags have over 11 years of trial, error and some honing of the fine art skills required to do this work. Everything these guys touch turns to gold, so you can be sure that whatever design you want, it’ll look dope. Check out their Limited Edition and the Flickr Portfolio if you want to see more of our work.

What really brings me to this post is the amazing work that Ro has done for the upcoming art show at the Quirk Galery in Richmond, Va. The show is called Couldn’t We Ride and features work by Kevin Dillard, Justin Rothshank, Taliah Lempert, Stellina Sport, Noah Rosen, Suzanne Carlsen
Villin Cycle Works, Bilenky Cycle Works, Kara Ginther, and of course Ro, Gerik, and Brie from RELoad bags. In the words of the gallery…

We have gathered a group of artists that Quirk believes have combined creativity and problem solving with beauty and functionality to produce bicycles and accessories that reach the highest level of craft and design. The exhibition will showcase work that demonstrates the elegance and importance of handmade items in everyday life.

Besides adding to his music tribute bag series, Roland redid a famous portrait of Eddy Merckx in canvas applique. The sheer size of the and complexity make this piece amazing.

Roland's work Framed

Original Image

If you are in Richmond this weekend, or anytime while the show is up, you have got to check it out. I am sure it is amazing. To procure some work from the fine folks at RELoad, just click to be inspired. To read a bit about what Ro is thinking or what is going on around the shop, check it here.


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