Hey 4 Eyes

They are always by your side, with them around you look better, their curves become part of your signature and then one day…they are gone. What would Elvis Costello, Buddy Holly, or Elton John be without their glasses? Well they are awfully talented, but the glasses helped make the man in each of those cases. Hell, even Lisa freaking Loeb made a career out of those stupid glasses. Seriously where would she be without those glasses? Name another song beside Stay…I’m waiting….still.

Well in Lisa’s ever famous line. “I know that I did something wrong ’cause I missed you. Yeah yeah, I missed you.” I could be singing that line to my sunglasses. I have missed them for the last two or so weeks. I remember having them before a ride and I took them off because it was getting dark before the ride. At least that is what I am telling my brain. I really hope I did not do something stupid with them. It is like me to put them somewhere safe and lose them till like four years down the road.

The problem is not only am I a bit vein and I like the way they look, I actually need them. My eyes…no matter how striking they maybe….are really sensitive to light. I have a hard time keeping them open when faced with bright lights. It really makes my Bear Monthly shoots difficult on the photographer. There is nothing I could do about it.

I wear these glasses almost everyday and in all seasons. You could tell based upon head attire what season it is. I simply need these glasses!

With the hectic end of school and the hustle and bustle around my house, I figured that they are in the bottom of a bag, or somewhere, but I have looked all over the place. I have even brought myself to brave cleaning some of the spots that I thought they could be hiding in. All to no avail so I went out and bought a new pair. They do not come by cheap, but I needed them for the trip that I am on now. I could not spend a few days on the beach without protecting the ole peepers. Now the question becomes…if I ever find my glasses, so I just return the old ones to get my scratch back or do I keep two pair in case of the double inevitable scenario of  disappearance from Oakley stock and me losing/breaking them? Why don’t you be the judge, I am going to the beach.


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