Philly is all over the new Rapha video

As one friend put it…your friends are in this video. If you watch the new video offering from Rapha you will see folks like:

Maria from BCGP, Jed from Philadelphia Cyclocross School,

Jack and the rest of the 3rd place finishing Bicycle Therapy team

Karl of Bilenky, and Lauren of Keswick Cycle

There are a few more Philly bike luminaries in the video, but I will let you sort them out. I would say that the 215 may have had the most folks from any one city specifically. Between Geekhouse, Indy Fab and others, I think New England was also very well represented. It looks like an amazing ride and one that is not for the faint of heart. With 15% grades on gravel and 200Km to ride, even the hardcore seem to have been shaken. Wanna go for a ride? Check out a report from Jed who rode for Bilenky for the day.

By the way, all of the beautiful pictures are from Rapha


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