Ride your bike in a commercial…Naked or not.

There are two unique opportunities to share your “gifts” with the camera that are coming up really soon.

The first is this weekend.

Carrie and the crew of Fabric Horse are making a commercial/video that is a remake of the Queen Bicycle Race video complete with the naked folks on bikes riding around a track. That is where you come in.

On Saturday the 3rd, Fabric Horse is going to shoot this commercial and provide some BBQ, free product, and beer to those who participate. They are looking for 30 male folks of all shapes and sizes  to participate. Don’t you worry, you will have fabric horse product covering your down there bits as well as some crafty modesty contraption that they also have.

At the end of the video they are looking for all folks to come out regardless of gender, shape, etc. They want people on bikes to fill the end of the video, so come out even if you are not male. When: SATURDAY July 3rd 11:00am to 6:00pm
Where: Location to be revealed to participants
How: Send an email to: info@fabrichorse.com to confirm and we will send you the location info
What: Ride your bike in a Naked bike race on a track and be featured in a commercial for Fabric Horse!

If you want to participate, email INFO@FABRICHORSE.COM for the lowdown.

The second opportunity comes along a bit later this summer, but it is something you may want to get on right now.

Studio Creative is looking for some mountain bikers to help with a launch of the new Ford Explorer to the public. They need some outdoor looking types to ride off a ramp in front of the truck as it comes down a ramp. They are looking for folks, who in their words can “ride on one wheel”. If you want to be part of this, you will need to submit a photo and video of themselves with the bike. This can be done with camera phones or any device, it does not need to be high tech. We can also accept video of riders in a group as long everyone in the video is identified to us. Send that info off to Michele Barrett so you could get all up in there on this event. I originally saw this post here.


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