This week in Philly Cycling

Happy fourth of July Everyone. I rang in the day we celebrate our independence on the island of New Amsterdam flying through streets unknown on the heels of some of Brooklyns newest Philly ex-pats. Hopefully some of those folks will hit our streets this upcoming weekend for one of the more unique events of the Philly courier calendar. There are also some other junxs to check out for the week, so here we go.

Because the le Tour has started, the folks over at Cadence Cycling and Multisport Shop have a contest going for the month. They are going to pick the stage of the tour, and you have to pick the winner. They are giving out some sweet stuff like VO2 max testing, bike fits, training sessions, and the like. Check them out for the rest of the month at their twitter account and on the facebook.

This week welcomes back one of the more unique Philly messenger races. The race is a relay of sorts with a runner and a sprinter. The sprinter rides up and down the Ben Franklin Parkway to the Art museum where they pick up packages and pass them to the runner at Love Park to deliver them. The runner rides from love park to wherever the next drop off is and back. It is pretty neat to watch and interesting to see for all. I would imagine that Jeff and Marco will take it again, but there could be a challenge from anyone out there with two wheels and enough guts to take it on. Of course there will be an after part somewhere with  food, drink and prizes from sponsors like:
RELoad, Fabric Horse, PBMA, Bicycle Revolutions, Hold Fast, All City, Urban Velo, Belinkey, Fyxation, Yanco, Industrial Art Lab and more……

After the Rocky Race, come down the the Khyber to get hot at the Bicycle Beach Party. With the hot and tired bodies from the Rocky race, and the sounds of the DJs pumping, I am sure everyone will have a great time in their beach attire.

Stay cool this week and don’t ride stupid. With this heat, people have some major issues and frankly it just aint worth it.

If you hear of anything else going on this week, give me a holler!


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