Temple Bike Theif

I guess whatever would possess someone to steel bikes is not in my brain. I have to admit, I watched night after night how some UArts student and bike commuter would lock his Trek something or other to the same parking meter everynight, but would neglect to lock his pretty sweet Rolf wheels and thought to myself that they would be some sweet as wheels to have, but I would ride everywhere in fear from that time on, not from the bad relationship that mid ninetys low spoke count wheels and persons of my girth had, but I would be waiting for someone to spot the freshly sprung wheels.  Just not a good place to be with a concious some where up in my noggin.

Anyway, the home of illustrious allum like Bill Cosby, Bob Sagget and myself and (one of these things is not like the other is a fun game to play.) has a bit of a bike theft problem this summer. When I started there in 1997 and I was using my Raleigh M40 to get around, I remember a very tough female dectective giving us the security breakdown like we were being dropped off in Fleujia on a bad day, but I have to wonder if that since the Diamond Gems of North Broad has become a bit cleaner, desirable and lets just say a  less “ethnic” institution of higher learning, have people dropped their glove just to get smacked with the  right hook that a rash of bike thefts brings along.

The Temple soft shoes think that they have the fella who is riding off with bikes on camera. Here are the pictures. If it is him, I hope he is caught soon. With a look like that, he just may stick out a little bit in the neighborhood that the Owl’s swoop over.

Check his pictures below. If he is caught and guilty, make him watch this video and then do the same thing to him with the New York accent and everyhing.

Seriously though…keep an eye out.


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