This week in Philly Cycling

Head on down to see Brian and the staff at Bicycle Revolutions to check out the new Affinity Cycles and BRevs colaboration on a sweet new batch of Affinity Cyles Metropoliton track bikes. The Metropolotion is a Kerin inspired frame that has the racing geometry you are looking for, but with holes for the brakes you may want for commuting. Get down to the shop or check the BRevs blog to get yours and check out the bikes that Brian has built up.

Come to my hood to get fitted on your bike and learn a thing or two about bike safety all the while socailizing and happy houring with the Bike Ambassadors. The BCGP Bike Ambassadors will be O’Reilys pub at Frankford and Lehigh in Port Fishington to help you get fitted for the right bike, the right helmet, and the right gear. RSVP To Kathryn at before July 12th.

On Saturday, you could win a chance to get to San Fransisco to throw down with the rest of the world at Fast Friday event out in the Bay Area. Again, sort of in my hood, come down to Penn Treaty park at noon with $5 and your bike. DVS shoes and Cadence are the main sponsors, but localy Reload, Fabric Horse, and PBR are stepping up to the plate.

One Response to “This week in Philly Cycling”
  1. Looks like a great event….let me know how it goes.


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