Upon The Mountain…

Lower Resevoir NEPA

Is usually where I find my confidence, fear, fortitude, weakness, friendship, loss, and everything else that flows through my scatter brain. I really think that the woods/mountains brings it all out of me. Being a city boy for almost thirteen years kind of makes you focus on one thing at a time, but also EVERYthing at the same time. It is hard to really explain, or maybe my feeble fingers and diffused brain have a hard time putting that dichotomy into words, but I feel it all of the time.

My major function out on the streets is to avoid being killed by a car, stray bullet, careening bus, or a bolt of lightning, and I guess that is sort of the aim of most people….to make it through the day on this side of the grass. Why not?

Golden Colorado

When I am in the woods, the focus changes, sure, the narrow path along the high cliffs serves to sharpen the resolve to live, but that danger is not always there. I am, if upon my bike, trying to keep my speed up, and hit the lines that make me most happy. If by foot, I am usually looking for animals, tracks, flowers etc. Those things brighten my day, and I don’t have to worry about much.

I was brought up amongst the mountains and the woods. The rabbits in my backyard, the view of the Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pa as the view off of my front porch, the trails of my youth all sort of made me into this nature boy state. One that requires some time to get back to the safe cover of old growth trees and the soft landing of moist forest floor. Some folks need liquor, a visit to the boobie bar, and something more morally questionable to sort of bring themselves back to their center, I seem to just need some woods time.

Susquehanna River and Cambell's Ledge

My loved ones seem to understand how I “get” when I don’t get back to where I belong. I would imagine I am like a salmon that missed the elevator back up stream. I know I gotta get there, and there is some primordial attraction that will make me whole once there, but without it, I could be a bit difficult to live with.

I have revealed these two fortunes from my many cookies I have consumed.

“Nature, time and patience are the three best physicians.”

“The physician heals, nature makes well”

I will leave it there for now.


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