Mind Your Own Business

It seems that what people say when they are doing something wrong and they really do not want to be called on their bull. When I was getting ready for a ride with my buddy Marc, I witnessed a woman get out of her car and throw her cigarette butt in the puddle. This woman not only was smoking like a chimney with a young child in the car, but she also took the drive down to the Inn with her foot on the brake traveling at an ultra efficient and satisfying 4 miles an hour.

I will admit that her unbelievable pace and the fact that I was choking on her cancer stick back in my whip, had me a bit on edge. Then she tossed her cigarette butt on the ground and I just saw red. I asked “Could you pick that up please?” She said “No!” I then said “There are plenty of trash cans around, please throw it in there?” Her response “Who cares anyway?” Now I was channeling my inner calm and trying not do something I would regret. As  calmly but forcefully as I could muster, I retorted “I care, and all of the users of this beautiful park care.” Her response is my title. She knew she lost this one, and she had a little guy to go and drop off and a butt in a puddle did not seem like a priority at the time. People may also ask who does care about a butt in the puddle? It is not the big of a deal, but it is. The classic idea of the broken window theory comes into play here. One butt, one bottle of water, a power bar wrapper, what ever it is, it might just be one, but with thousands of park users everyday, it adds up quick. I love our park, and it is my escape from the trash that I find in my hood, so it is my business, and you should make it yours.

2 Responses to “Mind Your Own Business”
  1. Jordan says:

    F*ck yeah Pat!

  2. Ryan says:

    i know this is an older post but HELL YEAH, way to go!! That is one of my biggest pet peeves..Cars have ASSTRAYS.. USE EM!!

    this isn’t the straight edge kid talking.. Just have some common courtesy for your fellow man. litter and cigarette buts on the ground don’t look nice. Lazy ass people piss me off..

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