Ride the Divide Movie in Philly

What a great night out with the mountain bike community. With a cool discount from the folks at PMBA and promise to hang with my lady and some of my biking buds, I was off to glorious West Philly. I gotta tell yah, I was pretty excited to check out this movie with the rest of the Philly folk. I saw it a few months back because a code to watch it came along with my 100 miles of nowhere registration materials, but I knew it was worth watching again. I am no Dan About Town (even though we are friends and former classmates) but if I were, I would of named many of the Philly MTB “celebs” that were there. Amoung the pretty packed house there were not not only Amy Petty who perfomed live as well as on the soundtrack, but also Director Hunter Weeks , and rider Reuben Kline

Hunter and Reuben

If you go to the ride the divide website, and buy the movie or anyhting from their online store, you are enterted to win a Siren 29er bike. Brenden (Siren Bikes builder) Colier’s wife, Mary is the first female finisher of this race and was featured heavily throughout the movie.

There is a quick presentation of pictures here that gives you a quick view of the entire ride. I so want to go to Pie Town, NM

This year, a rider was killed when he collided with a pickup truck along the route. It was simply an accident, as far as anyone could tell, but a tragic loss of someone who seemed to embody the spirit of what the race is supposed to be about. He seemed like a great husband, dad, and biking buddy. There are tons of folks out there miss him. RIP Dave Blumenthal. Check out his blog archive.


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