GO! Pro

Seriously, I could use this thing for everything I do. I love it. Rides will be so cool with this now. Holy crap did you see how fast that was?

I think I have said just about all of those things over and over again since I got my paws all over the hardened plastic case of my Go Pro HD Helmet Hero camera. First off…lets just say that this thing shoots 1080p in a camera that is under $300 bucks. Sure there is no zoom, and limited space, but shooting at that level sub $300 is really crazy.

The camera that is capable of shooting, as I said, 1080p, 960p, 720p, video and 5 megapixel timed or “burst” pictures, is once it is inside it’s included case, just waiting to take on anything you could throw at it.

I have ridden with this in all sorts of weather and conditions and it shoots with great quality. I have also shot under water in the Delaware River, the Atlantic Ocean, had a toddler throw sand and rocks at it, and even jumped of a Newport, RI pier with this camera to record some of my summer adventures, with not one little hop of the video.

It did take a while to initially set up the proper viewing angle. I shot a really great session of riding at a pump track and only really got my front wheel. I also shot a trip through center city to get my groceries and only really got my bag on my front rack, so it does take a bit to set it up right, but once it is set right, you could get hours of good quality pictures and video of riding, swimming, car racing, or anything you could even imagine doing. There is an on camera viewing pack that is coming in the near future, but is not available just yet.

The case has both a waterproof back and a non-waterproof back that are snap in place change over. Included with the camera is a battery, a vented helmet mount that goes on just like any night riding system, a night lamp style elastic headband clamp, two other sticky helmet mounts and two gear mounts. The sticky mounts are all attached with super strong 3m sticky stuff, so they are not going anywhere. If you need other types of mounts for water sports, handle bars, etc. You can pick them up on average for about $20. The helmet mount is so strong that it took some crazy head dodging to ensure that one particular low hanging branch did not take my helmet right off my head. This thing is rock solid and even if you break it, all of the replacement parts are very reasonably priced directly from GoPro

There are some fallbacks about this camera. It does not do well with night riding. I used it at a night courier race in Manhattan, and it did not shoot well with just light from the streetlights, but it worked like a champ on a midnight ride through Times Square. I am going to try to ride with my light system and the helmet once the days get a bit shorter. One other issue that I seem to have with it is that it picks up sound from the camera bouncing around inside the camera housing. That could be covered over with some music in editing or fixed with some foam build up inside the case. The menu and series of buttons it takes to flip thorough it is a bit cumbersome to remember and I don’t really want to break out the instruction sheet trailside, or under water. I am also looking forward to an on camera viewing system in the near future.

You could pick up this camera directly from GoPro online, or you could get them at any of your outdoor retailers like bike, ski, and outdoors shops. If you want to share your adventures with your friends, or you are looking to get a nice gift for someone who has everything, this is the right choice for you.


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