Like Visiting a Sick Friend

It sounds a bit harsh, but that is how I felt while visiting Moon Lake this past week. I grew up a bit at this park. We went swimming, fishing, and just kind of hung around in this oasis up in the endless mountains. This place was always sort of like a giant country club. It had a great pool, just enough people, and seemed to often lead to a great day out in nature.

This is the lock on the pool.

I say it is like visiting a sick friend, because I see a very dire future for this place. Over time, the leadership of Luzerne County has choked this park into submission in order to more or less pave the road for Gas drilling to come to the area. They have closed the pools, pulled back resources, and allowed some gas exploration on the property. If it were not for some wide awake residents, this place would be long gone already. Natural gas drilling or fracking. This process is set to bring tons of natural gas to the surface as well as some money coming to folks that own land up on the beautiful mountains around NEPA the problem is that it also destabilizes the land, and is known to pollute the water table let alone the increased traffic, clearing of trees, destruction of habitat, etc that happens when gas frackers move into an area. It just makes me sick and I can not believe that it is going to happen

Awesome Barn on the property

I went up to one of my beloved lakes because I hear that there are some great trails up there. There were a batch of folks from North Eastern Pennsylvania working at the park to build the trails, and make sure that they were good enough for the needs of the mountain bikers of the area. The trails had the expected rocky nature that North Eastern Pa is mostly known for. The trails I was on seem to be a blend of both park built trails and some real mountain biking trails. You would be able to see the mountain bike trails due to the type of “shielding” that is built up on the trail that the mountain bikers built. They really need some more folks to ride the mountain bike trails, because they are a bit soft right now, but still very fun and worth the trip. These trails will keep you on your toes and you will keep the pedals turning because of the terrain.

Here is a short video that I shot from a new location on my bike.

One Response to “Like Visiting a Sick Friend”
  1. MG says:

    Thank you for this post. My husband and I saw this during the Endless Mountains 1000K, which passes through some of the area where they are now fracking (Towanda, NY, Canton, PA and . BIG trucks riding on roads that aren’t able to sustain that kind of weight or traffic in areas that used to be quiet, peaceful, and beautiful, ripping up the countryside. It is such a bummer to see the area transformed like this…

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