Eric Gilliland formely of WABA speaking in Philly

Eric Gilliland

The academy of Natural Science recently announced an upcoming event featuring Eric as well as a few other luminaries in the world of city cycling and infrastructure. Come out on October 28th to hear from regional and national leaders as they talk about some of the best bike-friendly innovations from other cities across America, while taking a critical look at how to continue to bring cycling innovations in Philadelphia.

The night will feature
Rina Cutler: Deputy Mayor
Transportation and Utilities City of Philadelphia
Eric Gilliland: Executive Director
National Association of City Transportation Officials
Jon Orcutt: Director of Policy
New York City Department of Transportation  
Robert Burchfield: City Traffic Engineer
City of Portland DOT
Timothy N. Papandreou: Deputy Director
Transportation Planning & Development
San Francisco Metropolitan Planning Agency 

This is a great opportunity for Philadelphians hear how the transportation leaders from other cities are leading their residents down a path of positive cycling. Lets see what we could do here. This event also leads into the same wekend as the Philly Bike Expo. This is a big week for Philly cycling, and will prove to be very exciting.

To register for this event please visit here to register.

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