I hate this

One of the things I have found that I hate the most in blogging is the “coming back” post. You have all read them. The post where someone acts as if they were lost in a daze, or they spent the last few months as a personal escort for Alice on her trip through Wonderland. The blogger usually talks about all of the stuff they have been doing since they have been updating their 13 readers on their daily drivel. I hate it so much. That is why I am not doing it. I am simply getting back on the horse. Some stuff may be a bit older, some will be a bit shorter, but I am back and I am not sorry.

One Response to “I hate this”
  1. fatmarc says:

    Blogging is fun. When it becomes a chore, I walk away. I come back but the form might be different. Keep it fun.

    good on you.


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