Only burn the bridges that the mountain bikers built…

…those are the hardest to rebuild.

There is some “stuff” going down on our local trails. Some people that should know better built a trail that was not within the knowledge, approval, or general understanding of the parks volunteer powers that be. Was it wrong?…mostly. Did tons of folks ride and enjoy it?…I know I did. Was it built in a forgotten piece of the park that no one besides bikes would ever get to?…Yup. Did the folks in charge tend to err on the side of overreacting and knee jerking themselves into zero tolerance policy?…Yup…or at least that is how I feel.

If a group you are working with makes a major boo boo in your eyes, do you kick them out, make them a social pariah, tattle tale to the parent organization and the city government, or do you sit down with the “offenders” and talk about remediation of the problem? Most professionals that are level headed, well calculated, and subscribe to a reflective approach to problem solving instead of a bridge burning philosophy would probably have approached the situation at hand with a bit more civility than is being expressed at the current time.

I am not a fan of what happened, but the reaction is way beyond the crime.  See you at the meeting.

BTW: I am being a bit vague because I do not want to over step what I know. I am just looking from sort of the inside back in even deeper.

Take a look here and here, then make up your own mind.


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