Quit yr bitchin and just race!

Anne Rock on her way to a solid race...No bitching involved.

I think that line was followed by something akin to “sprint instead you pussies”. That would of course never come out of my pristine mouth, but my number one fan working the pits of the C race at Granogue had enough lung power to make sure the riders behind me knew what he thought of them. The aforementioned riders were exuding some tendencies in their racing that would put them in the pussy category which includes, but is not limited to…arguing while racing, complaining about being boxed out, and the worst of all, not manning up and dropping your foe. I forgot to mention the best part…these guys were racing for something like….pretty close to the bottom half of a 125 rider field. There is nothing like racing for pride…I do it every time I line up. The lack of fun these guys were having on their Sunday morning was my problem. Remember folks…this is bar league softball only with carbon tubies and lycra onsies instead of leather mits and stirrups.

I will throw down some more Granogue love soon. I just had to get that off my chest.

One Response to “Quit yr bitchin and just race!”
  1. Sean says:

    Amen! Guys take racing so seriously. Its cat 4! Lets have fun and push ourselves.

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