Shhh…just be there.

One of the events that is happening around the Philly Bike Expo is a brand new event called Betsey Ross – Spooky Cross.

What is it? A cross race in Cobbs Creek park on all Hallows eve that includes a grave yard (Where Betsey used to be buried) as part of the course. This unsanctioned, unabashed, underground race was thought of and born out of some of the sickest minds in the philly cycling scene. You will not find any other race like this.

What bike do I ride? All type of velocipede are welcome. CX and MTB will fare best but you could totally ride a road bike too. Those who want to drive their car to this: it may be possible but off site parking with a short ride in is strongly encouraged.

If you say something like “I want to pre ride this course.” I want to stake out where I can apply my embro so no one sees me” “Where will I warm up while riding my pit bike on the trainer.” Well….this race might not be for you.

The course has a jump that is pretty sweet and there will be at least one staircase up a mausoleum. Course layout will be respectful to the deceased and It will be pretty fast due to a combination of gravel, grass and unmaintained asphalt. There will be moderate elevation change and maybe some feral dogs but someone should have dog mace on their person.

Your entry fee is one six pack of the good stuff. Bike reg will not take 2%, but you might leave some behind in the woods for our dead homies.

You will get there with the pack. You should be at the Philadelphia Bike Expo regardless. You will meet the rest of the undead at 11am for a ride (its only 4.5 miles away) to the 12 noon start.

Tell your friends.

Keep an eye right here and over at this blog for more info about the race.

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