Philly Bike Expo Exhibitor Series I

Over the next week, I will feature some of the exhibitors that are lined up for next week’s Philly Bike Expo. This premier event will feature almost 100 exhibitors, presenters from around the country, outside events, and even a bike swap.

If you have not picked up a ticket yet, you are missing out. There are a few options for your weekend bike viewing experience. The All Access Pass includes entry into ALL Philadelphia Bike Expo events including, but not limited to symposiums, panels, demos, parties and more. Online price $20. At the door $25.

If you can not make the entire weekend or don’t want to go to the outside events, there is another option for you. The One Day Pass includes entry into the MAIN Expo for either Saturday the 30th OR Sunday the 31st. Admittance with this pass is limited to THE MAIN EXPO ONLY. Admission to other events associated with the Expo must be purchased separately. Online price $5. At the door $10 for expo only, with seminars $15.

You do have another option for the weekend. If you have not picked up the Bike Snob book yet, you could get an all weekend pass and a copy of the book for the combined price of $30. That means you get the book for only $10. Not a bad deal at all.

One of the exhibitors for the weekend is Alloneword Custom Cycling Caps. This one woman, San Francisco based shop is another player in the custom cycling cap world. After looking over some of the designs, these are not just sewn together patterns like some other folks are doing. There is some great embroidery, good patterns and a wide range of choices. I am a pretty big fan of the Halloween and fall themed caps. I am a firm believer in cycling cap “rocking” in the crisp mornings of the autumn. I am a big fan of this hat in particular. Hopefully they make some large enough for my man dome.

I think my next bike is going to come from a hometown boy who grew up to work in the industry, build some bikes, and come home to open up a bike shop and a home for his frame building company. Rich Adams has been building bikes for 11 years, so he is not the new guy on the scene although his quality hand built bikes sit quietly behind the more flashy brand of new school builders. Rich builds bikes for touring, road, cross, “hipster”, track, mountain biking, etc. His “Bunny bike” and custom racks were a huge splash at NAHBS a few years back, and is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his skill with the torch. I think there is a Rich Adams somewhere with my name one it. If you want one for your own, any bike ordered at the show gets a 5% discount. Rich is bringing some of his new 29er bikes and a fixie or two. Check him out.

As their site says, Wait till you put your hands on this! The folks over at Handlebra have a great thing going on. I got to squeeze their line of bras at NAHBS last year, and they do feel great. A leather wrap bar is on a whole different level than the cork and synthetics that we are used to. A great bar wrap is the icing on the hand built bike cake. Maybe you just want to spruce up the commuter, or get a different look on a bike from the big guys. Handlebra is the place to go. This is a one person shop whose genesis came while trying to out fit a great bike with some equally great tape, so you know there is some love in the product line. Handlebra has two types of wrap. Their Hurricane series is, as you would expect, designed to handle rain, bad weather, etc without the slipage or grime build up of other tapes. The Sport level Handlebra is my favorite because I love the look of a stitched bar wrap.  There is an oppertunity to customize your tape with choices in leather color, stitching color, and stitch quantity. A triple stitch wrap with contrasting colors will add a level of refinement to a bike that can not be found in the basic cork box.

As the event draws closer, I will do more and more of these previews. Keep an eye here for updates as they come along. Also remember to buy your tickets on line, and show up for both days of fun. I am excited that something this great is coming to our fine city. Maybe the World series will be here as well!

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