Philly Bike Expo Exhibitor Local Edition

Over the next week, I will feature some of the exhibitors that are lined up for next week’s Philly Bike Expo. This premier event will feature almost 100 exhibitors, presenters from around the country, outside events, and even a bike swap. Check here for some ticket info.

This post features some of the local talent from the city limits of Philadelphia. We are fortunate enough to have a diverse group of folks building, designing, and manufacturing bike goodies that are worthy of the national stage.

Drew Guldalian, Builder and Designer of Engin Cycles is prepping this new tandem that he is building for his family and their new addition. The tandem is a work in progress and he plans to show the bike in its current state at the Philadelphia Bike Expo with plans on showing the finished product this February in Austin at the NAHBS. I am sure Drew will have other finished bikes and some other new projects. Maybe there is another NAHBS award winner that will make it’s debut at the PBE.

I have purchased 6 or 7 bags from these guys over the years. I have never had to replace one, I just always want a new one because they are awesome. I have been using the same bag almost since Roland and Ellie started the best little bag company in the whole world, and although it shows the years it spent on the street, it is far from worn out. R.E.Load bags has grown into the business it is due to the incredible creativity, workmanship, and durability of all of their bags and offshoot products. R.E. Load could have grown into what the bigger bag companies have become, but they decided to stay with the American made, owner controlled real deal and feel of the way this company started. They have expanded to the west coast, where Ellie runs the show while Roland has stayed in Philadelphia. The two partners still operate the shop as one, just with a broader reach. When discussing their dedication to staying in house and making the best bags around, Roland says…”While other companies are trying to cut their bottom line, we’re just making sure that our bags are even better than they were the year before.” This type of dedication is what makes them what they are, and makes us proud that they (at least half of them) are Philadelphia based.

If you were a mountain biker in the early 90s, you wanted an Eastern Woods Research bike. Admit it. You did. EWR and its crazy frame design has been a hotly debated concept since its inception, but when production restarted, the buzz was uncontrollable. Guys like me who are now adults were able to satisfy their teenage dream of riding an EWR without cutting some deal with the devil for one of the original frames. EWR rebirth has brought more than just their original 26″ bike back, but a 29er design followed shortly thereafter. Their bikes are well known among the bike geek crowd and any given weekend, you will find their bikes used in everything from dual slalom races to marathon mountain bike events. Mind you…the same frame design does both well. The frame is known as a wheelie machine that flows through corners on rails, but also takes the big jumps and the big hills with equal aplomb. Come out to the Bike Expo and chat with the guys of EWR. Maybe you could take one of their bikes for a spin on the trails. (EWR isn’t made in the city limits, but the COO of the company lives in the city and is active in the city MTB scene)


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