PBE Set Up

Well it’s here! In a few hours, the first of many Philadelphia Bike Expos will fling open the giant doors of the Armory and let the legions of bike dorks through the doors. Before that could happen, there needs to be some prep and tonight was the night. With a party looming and dark setting in, there were various vendors there readying their booth for the action packed weekend.

Matt is really not this short, but he is that good looking. Come find me at this booth for a good portion of Sunday and talk to the one and only (in a long list of them) Cycling Editor of Liberty Sports Magazine.

Rich Adams some how found a drapery to match his website. I am pretty impressed and wondered which came first.

Carrie and crew hard at work setting up the Fabric Horse booth

Chris Igleheart Rushing his 78 year old book keepers bike into position.

Christ Cycles Assembling their bikes the night before. Alloneword will keep your lid covered. The most happy man about his new cease and desist letter. Horse Cycles got the memo that rough looking booths with sweet bikes win over viewers. The best booth design still goes to the Little Devil BMX Heavy Metal Bedroom of interbike in years past, or the Vicious Cycles Philly interbike booth that had the show shut down due to fire concerns. I will explain those somewhere along the way.

R. E. Load was set up way early in the day, and they look poised to sell some bags and tons of lock down straps. The throwback patch on their Flightpack might just make me pull the trigger for yet another R. E. Load. bagWhere are the Engins? Elite Cycles wants to make sure you know where they are. I have seen Army battalions sleep under smaller tarps. The ANTs are marching three by three?

Do Bilenkys really get priority parking?Mr. and Mrs. Kornbluh talking to Mr. VanArsdale about unique last names and maybe some tandems.

Banjo Cycles bringing their rack game to the Armory.

A basket full of bras

Shine it all up and get ready because the doors will open tomorrow at 10am!

2 Responses to “PBE Set Up”
  1. kenny says:

    i was thinking about getting a new reload bag too…

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