Buy My Bike

If you want the Carbon Bontrager Switchblade fork, add $100.

Wanna new single speed? You know you do! The winter is coming. There is no better time to ride a 29er Single Speed. Check her out. Bikes like her don’t come around often. What is that thing? She is a fine as hell Surly Karate Monkey frame and fork in the Medium Sizeway. She has a pair of limited edition Surly Jim Brown Single Speed Disc Hubs Laced to Velocity Blunt Pink Hoops. The Tires are 29er WTB Jawns in 2.3. There is an older Race Face 180mm crank on there connected with Pink KMC chain to a Salsa 32 tooth ring in the front and a 19 tooth freewheel on the backside.  The stoppers are Avid BB5 connected with some good cable with and old school BMX pink housing to Avid Single Digit Ti Levers. You stear the bike around with the help of a 2007 Chris King Pink Headset, a Salsa stem, and Salsa Whammy Bar to provide plenty of torque when you are holding on tight to the pink Oury Grips. You could choose to sit on the WTB Speed She Pink Saddle, or pick something else if you can’t hang with that. I think 5 bennies ($500) sounds good to take her off my hands. Although she was meant to be a mountain bike, I bet this would make some fixed gear freestyler hella happy.  I would prefer local pick up, but for a bit of cash, I will mail her along to the person that wants her most.









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