South Street Bridge Set to Reopen…to Cyclists!

The potholed, narrow, tire sucking South Street bridge has been closed since 2008 and town down shortly after. If you ever took that beast across to West Philly from the land of the living, you know that it sucked. What sucks more is taking Chestnut, Walnut, or Market to get to from/to south Philly from West Philly, but that is no more. The South Street bridge will have it’s official reopening this weekend and the first folks allowed across are pedestrians and cyclists, so come out and celebrate. There will be tons to do. It is also your duty to ride on the bridge because some people worked long and hard to get the bike lanes put on this bridge in the first place. They were ommitted from the original plan…so show some respect and be amoungst the first to make a crossing. Click here for the opening day activities.

One Response to “South Street Bridge Set to Reopen…to Cyclists!”
  1. ThadS says:

    Hell yea. That is some (long awaited) good news about the bridge.

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