The Party Starts Tonight!

Tonight kicks off the weekend of the House Party Cat 3D events with some gold sprints in West Philly. Come out to the house party with Goldsprints at 46th and Sansom. Look for the bikes. You will know where it is.

With a whole Saturday of riding around and checking out the city under your belt, you could ride over to Bonners’s at 23rd and Sansom around 5:30 for registration. Your $5 gets you all the parties you can handle and a night of riding around town. The ride kicks off at 7.

Shwag so far

There are a bunch of sponsors like: RELoad, VP Components, Oury, All City, Twin Six, WTB, Fabric Horse, Chris Wright Cycles, Cadence, Neva Safe, Princeton Tec, Sailor Jerry, and Cog Magazine so come out for a good time.

One Response to “The Party Starts Tonight!”
  1. Lukas says:

    Do Surly Riders gather? And what state or city?

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