Buy a frame and help future stars get to Eurocross

Gunnar Bergey

No doubt, if you have spent any time on the mid Atlantic cross scene, you witnessed the power of two of this regions finest young men. Jeff Bahnson and Gunnar Bergey are two killers on the bike. They produce lactic acid cramps in some of the top riders around just by looking at them. That is right…a stare from these teenagers brings stronger men to their knees, that is why they are crushing fields all over the place and have been invited to head off to Belgium to compete in Eurocross with a chance to hit up the Worlds in Germany. How cool would that be?

Jeff Bahnson

While they are in Bend at Nationals this week, there are some fundraisers going on that will hopefully send these promising young men off across the pond to ride their bike. Edwin Bull of Van Dessel Sports has generously donated two brand new, fully warrantied frames and forks to help support these guys by making their dreams come true. Van Dessel is selling two of their cross frames for a deep discount. You could pick up the Full Tilt Boogie or the Gin and Trombones frame and fork combo for $1500 or $800 respectively. That is a sweet deal if you are looking for a ride for next season, or some winter fun. If you are interested in the frames, get in contact with the friends of Jeff and Gunnar at

If you are not looking for a new frame, but would love some half priced diner with non other than Fat Marc, or maybe free entry into some of the premier cross and MTB races in the region might entice you to drop $5 over at bikereg. All the money raised there will go to help these guys fulfill their dreams. Do your part and help out because someday you will be saying…I raced against that kid and he kicked my ass.

Good luck guys.


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