Sweathogs Team FUNdraisers

The relatively new race team formed from some Philly messengers will be racing in all disciplines this coming season. To defray some costs and attend more races, they are putting their pedal power where their legs are and throwing some races and fun rides this weekend. The events are being held to keep outta towners occupied while waiting for Sunday’s Bilenky Race.

Friday is when the trainers come out of the basement, and we ride bikes inside…a bar. Come out to Bonners on Friday night to get your weekend started off right. $5 gets you in a raffle and on the bikes for some gold sprints. Call out your buddy, wife, dude, whomever, but come out and ride with the rest of us.

Saturday is another night of prepping for Sunday’s main event. Come out to Bob and Barbra’s at 4 for a ride through the streets. All of the stops will be at bars, so you wont be out in the cold too much. The goal of this race is to end up with the best hand of all the riders. There are a bunch of sponsors that are giving out all kinds of good stuff. Ride as fast or as slow as you want, just ride. This event is also 5$ and open to all types of cyclists. Come on out.




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