X-Mas Cross and MTN Follies

Saturday is shaping up to be a great day for riding bikes in Philly. We all know that the cross season is not over no matter what the hippies in Bend, or the overseers in Colorado say. We have two great cross races this weekend. We start off with the Christmas Cross and MTB follies race that is courtesy of Bicycle Therapy and their relentless crew of monkies.

Even red chairs for these Commies.

This race is ON. No matter what Bike Reg says, there is a gathering of riders at the Belmont Plateau Saturday at 10:30.
Get there a bit early to find where the race will be and get a lap in, so you don’t die out there. If you do die, no one will say a word. Your soul will become part of the park. That is what USA Cycling decrees when someone dies in a race that they did not earn money off of.

To find the race, park at any of the good parking lots off of Montgomery Drive, or up near the Tenis courts. Jump on the access roads. Once in there, you will find some people fixing to ride together in a race style activity.
Really you should ride your lame ass carcass over there, but if you need to park, go for it. The course is 50/50 double track and plateau single track. Ride it on whatever velocipede you think will be best. Dan Action claims he is putting out some 6 minute laps on the track. It will make for an interesting 40 minutes of pain.
Pack out what your pack in and leave the attitude at home. See you on the trials.

Featured image comes from digammo


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