Giant manbeast wielding a Ti bike and warm boots.

Our pals over at bikerumor have discovered the Yeti of the bike world and documented it, yet he rides a giant Moots.

Hes big, but not so blury.

The State of  Colorado is all out of sorts over the cousin of a Yeti choosing a different bike brand, but that is the least of their worries. This beast is looking across the range for his next plunder, because the guy riding up to him is good as dead. Look at that poor cyclist. He has his hands on the brakes. Might as well big ring it into your doom, sucker. I am still suprisied that someone that large needs booties and gloves that he is ever so proud of. I know finding clothes for a big guy is tough, but someone needs to help a brother out with a better jersey. Maybe if he were had better style he would not be so angry.


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