Got 3rd

Of course I am running late for this race, but I guess I have an excuse, I already did one race today! I rushed over to the bar where the ride was starting and did not find too many folks there, but I did find two of my oldest friends making sure the bar did not fall down. They were there with a whole other event, and were intrigued by this bike racing thing…especaially if it involved going to bars. While talking with those two and trying to explain what we do, some more people showed up and it was starting to form into a real race.

About an hour and forty minutes after the real start time, we were off. Gotta love courier time. This race was set up like a poker game. Five stops, five cards. The winner is the person with the best hand. There are also prizes for being fast, but the true nature is to have the right hand.

My team was me, myself, I, and M. Dailey. He and I were couriers together back in the day. We worked for a company with two riders, a dispatcher, and a secretary. Those were the days. We had so much fun and even made a buck or two. We have been riding together for years and know exactly what each other are going to do in almost every situation so it made for a smooth night of riding.

At the first bar, I pulled a 10 of hearts. Mike had a 5 of something. The next bar I also somehow came up with a ten of something or other, and Mike had another 5. We were off to the next bar where I actually drew a card and got some crap to keep me honest. We finally realized that we did way too much work and Mike has been to three bars and did not have a drink yet. That is rare. since we were solidly in last place for speed, we rested a bit while harassing a guy that was holding three kings. He was playing rabbit to our tortoise, so off we were to make sure that dude did not win, since at this point we both had three of a kind. Mine were actually good.

The next bar brought me even more luck and a 10 ended up in my paws and I think Mike got another 5. You would never know it because he kept lamenting that some effer had three kings already.

As we ate up some time with another rest and a trip to the bar to wet our whistle, the “king guy” came in. We were sure to ruin his night and actually made him pick the card without bribing, cheating, stealing, or other “strategies” that we might employ.You would never believe it, but he pulled a king. I think his heart stopped when he pulled the last king. That deserves the win, but in comes Santana with a look on his face. I don’t want to call him shifty, but everyone knows to keep an eye out for Santana in these types of games. He is good….damn good.

You would have sworn that he was using some Latin charm on a woman, not dude holding Little Mermaid playing cards in his tattooed hand. Before I got the cheese all over me, we were out to the last checkpoint. It is funny that I end up in the same bar two Saturday nights in a row after bike rides, when I almost never go to bars. At least it is a good one.

Jeff gives me the evil eye when I tell him I have four kings, but he knows the deal. It is how the game is played. With 10 minutes to spare, King guy walks in. Now….it is all down to Santana and whatever game he was playing.

He slithers into the bar with 4 minutes to go before cut off time. He shows his cards upside down. Finally Jeff gets him to flip em, and he has 5 aces. Played like a true pro.

That is how it ended up Santana, King guy, and me. I walked away with a sweet Jersey that Jeff had to get rid of, the heaviest bottle cage ever, and a really sweet cycling cap from Gary Rothera.

Thanks to Mike, Jeff and everyone who raced. Maybe I could retire from Ally Cats since I am, besides Mike, the oldest there, and eight years removed from actually being a working messanger. Eh…then I would have to actually get old.

This race was a fundraiser for the Sweathogs Cycling team. Help them out and keep an eye out for tons of other events.

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