Make your shopping fun!

Go over the Keswick cycle and partake in John’s one idea that everyone listened to. Put all your purchases in a sock and get 15% off. If you spend over 25$, keep the socks as well. That John sure can think sometimes.

The fine print is below.

Take 15% OFF everything you can fit into a pair of Keswick Cycle Sock Guy socks! Gels, Clif bars, water bottles, chamois butter, gloves, more socks, co2 cartridges, hand pumps, lights, tools, chain lube + so much more! The possibilities are endless if you’re clever.  AND If you buy more than $25 worth of goodies, you get the socks for free!

Here’s the catch: the products have to be in their original packaging, and the sock cannot be altered from it’s original shape.


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