Smoker’s Hack

I have had this awful cough for a few weeks now. I think it might be the time to actually break down and see a Dr. or something. Besides the fact that I have not been riding my bike, and I feel my weight demon strengthening as the cold weather starts to set in, I have had some real issues with my breathing. I am sure the frozen air, the excess weight, and the overall lack of skill are all contributing to my breathing, but man this is really dragging me down.

‘Nando noticed this out on a ride a few weeks ago. We were climbing a hill that is usually just a good warm up for me, and I was winded at the top. Like really winded. This has continued through a few rides, and has put a hampering on some really fantastic outings. It killed my ride yesterday, and I held back today because I was afraid of hyperventilation in the middle of a junk yard. It sucks. Gotta figure it out and see a doc. This is ridiculous. No more whining, back to the positive thoughts and words.


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