Register your bike in Jersey

Last week, assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker introduced an act to supplement Title 39, which is the Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation Statue for the state of New Jersey. In her act, Assemblywoman Tucker calls for the registering of all bicycles in the state of New Jersey. If you read the act, it calls for a $10 fee for every bicycle in a house hold that is paid annually to “defray the cost of registering bicycles”. If you don’t register your bike and hang the licence plate from it, you could get a $100 fine for the first offence.

This entire thought boggles my mind. I thought New Jersey was laying off teachers, fire, police, and other essential services. This woman proposes making a new office in the DMV to deal with bikes. That just seems like a money pit. We would need office space, computers, supervisors, underlings, vacation days, sick days, benefits, etc for each employee. That will cost a fortune to exicute, and will not be sustained by the $10 annual fee.

In addition to the fee, you have to also give all sorts of info:

     2.  Application for the registration of a bicycle shall be made on a form issued by the chief administrator, and shall contain the following information:

     a.   The year of manufacture, make, model, color, and unladen weight of the bicycle;

             Does a water bottle count? How about cages and pedals?

   b.  The serial number of the bicycle;

What about custom bikes, or those without SN

     c.  The name, street address, and age of the owner of the bicycle, and if the owner is under 15 years of age, the age of the parent or guardian applying for the registration;

Do the homeless have to register?

     d.  The amount of New Jersey sales tax paid when the bicycle was purchased;

Why does this matter for registration? What about bikes that are pieced together?

     e.  The signatures of the applicant;

     f.   The month, day and year of purchase;

Again, why does this matter?

     g.  Any other information required by the chief administrator.
So not only do they have all of the info about me and my bike, but they could ask anything else they want? What?

4.  At the time of issuance of the registration of the bicycle, the chief administrator shall also issue to the registrants, at no additional cost, a bicycle license plate to be attached to the bicycle by the registrants.  Each  plate shall contain a clearly visible license number to be assigned by the  chief administrator and shall bear the insignia  “BICYCLE”  in clear lettering.  The license  plate number shall be contained on the certificate of registration.

Could I get a vanity plate? BRKLESS? HUKSTR? BARBIK? BEAT-ER? How much will this cost the state? prisoners dont make them anymore.

I can not get over how someone who is supposed to represent a state that has huge financial and social issues works on a bill like this. Maybe that is why she has had so many challenges to a seat that she got because her husband passed away. You would have thought that a district that includes Newark, N.J. would have a few other things to focus their attention on.

Leave the bikes alone and do some real government work.

3 Responses to “Register your bike in Jersey”
  1. Kt says:

    Absolutely RIDICULOUS!
    I live in NY state near the border and frequently ride in NJ on weekends – are the cops going to pull be over because I don’t have a bike tag?

    More proof of Christie administration FAIL.

  2. How ridiculous is this, obviously proposed by someone that does not ride a bicycle most likely or see the bicycle as a means of an alternative transportation to motorized vehicles. Perhaps if there were actually safe riding conditions for cyclists on the road ways, with designated bike ways there might be some justification but cyclists are regarded by motorists as second hand citizens when cyclists try to utilize the roadways.

  3. Jed Kornbluh says:

    This is dumb. No thanks.

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