Rapha is selling my bike!

With deep collaboration done in the finest of overpriced suits accompanied by uncomfortable shoes, Rapha showed up in Port Fishington to be inspired to make a fully realized manifestation of a new bike…mine.

Really what they did is have  Ira Ryan and Tony Pereria build essentially what I and many others have been riding for years, but they are putting one ugly headbadge on it and making you wait for 5 months till you get it. For the pleasure of a 5 month wait, Rapha will hook you up with a custom shipping crate and a $200-500 fee to ship your $5000 non custom bike.

I am not really a Rapha hater, but this bike is off the charts. The rest of the Rapha line is aimed at folks with a bit greater income than mine, but this is over the top. With some work and a good bike shop, you could build a similar bike with custom geometry and still have around $1000 to spend on boxers and undershirts. How could you go wrong with $200 for three pairs of boxers?

If you would like, you could compare the two bikes if you would like. I made it easy for you. If you want, I will ship you my bike for $60 for the paltry price of $3000. Let me know when you want it.

One Response to “Rapha is selling my bike!”
  1. CHAD says:

    Couldn’t agree more…

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