Getting there

After a bunch of emails and plenty of thought running rough shot between my ears, I finally got to visit my new bike. I think I remember at one point in the last year saying that I was not going to buy a new bike this year. I am still unsure why I even thought that was a possibility. I got in touch with Rich Adams a few months ago with the idea of building a new 29er single speed. I unloaded my old one, and started sending ideas and money towards Rich which in return he said be patient, the bike will be ready for the spring.

Spring is coming soon, and so is my new frame. I visited the shop yesterday and got to hold her in my arms for the first time. Lee brought me into the shop where other dreams were hanging on the wall. He pulled mine down and let me scope it out.

The work is what I would expect of such a high quality builder. I could see that there is still some work to be done, but the light is at the end of the tunnel and it should be finished up in time for the Spring.

This bike is going to be a belt driven single speed with the option of making it a geared bike if I ever wanted to go in that direction. I thought it would be nice if I were to keep this bike a clean dedicated single speed, but I really want to make sure I could build and use this bike how ever I see fit.

The break in the frame that will allow for the belt to slide in is midway down on the right seat stay. This is to avoid any of the areas that would have a lot  of stress. With my size and the amount of torque required on a single speed bike, stiffness was going to be an issue, but as you could see Rich and his crew figured out a great way to split the frame and still maintain maximum stiffness.

The next step is some finishing and then off to paint. By the time that is all done, the flowers will be blooming and I will hopefully be riding.


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