National Cyclocross Champ Rides Into Town

Its March and the return of the Surlyrider blog. I didn’t go away, but I was hibernating for a little while but it is the time to clean the sleep from my eyes and come on out.

This Sunday, you will have the chance to ride with former National Cyclocross champion Tim Johnson, Top cross star Meredith Miller and race announcer/promoter and Bike Belong honcho Richard Fries.
Tim and the crew will be riding through our local ‘burgh and a few others as they make their way from Boston’s city hall all the way to Capital Hill in Washington DC.
In those 500 miles the riders will cross 9 states, 3 state and 1 national capital all for one cause.
They are riding for Bikes Belong.
Bikes Belong is a national charity that many of the top industry players pump money into every year. The industry understands that more bikes equal more sales, so they all want to give back through Bikes Belong. This used to be an industry party only, and now Averge Joe biker could help Bikes Belong change every dollar donated into $1,800 worth of government funding for improvements to our national cycling infrastructure. Tim and the crew are bringing all of us closer to Bikes Belong by rasing funds riding from Boston to DC in admittedly not the best time of the year to travel in the Mid-Atlantic.
The ride will enter our region around Trenton and continue to center city where Triumph Brewery in Olde City is hosting a meet and great party on Sunday night. If you want to ride along, it is free, but sign up on Bikereg. You could also donate to the cause on the ride fundraising page or in person at Triumph. If you are inclined, you could ride any part of the route with the crew. Keep an eye here for more details as they get closer to The City of Brotherly Love.

Featured Image is from CXMagazine


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