New Bikes With Philly Roots

Although I never intended this blog to be a digital press release distro like some other blogs have become, once in a while I just need to let you know about cool bike stuff going on out there.

These two products have Philly connections in one way or another, but both are designed and promoted by two real guys who spent their time in the scene. It is great to see their products come about.

X-Games gold medalist Taj Mihelich is working at Odeyssey BMX these days with a major focus on creating the Fairdale Bikes brand. Who needs another Tiawan produced single speed? I think this guy does. One of the first Fairdale bikes that is realeased comes with Sram cranks and brake levers all attached to a Chromoly frame with integrated chain tensioners. They round it all out with a Selle Italia saddle and Conti tires. Oh yah…its less than $800. This is a great set up and there are 3 or more frame concepts coming along. Keep an eye out at their site for more news from this emerging bike brand.

The second bike that excites me is a new rig coming out of Bellingham, Washington. Traitor Cycles has a prototype bike that seems like it is going to do everything. The 668 prototype bike is a bike that will take 26, 650B, and 700c wheels so everyone in the fixed gear freestyle crowd could be happy.

From the minute that Joey P of Traitor jumped on a Mountain Bike and imediatly figured out how to 180 it, I knew he would someday change the cycling world. It looks like he has his hand in it now. Joe brings a deep BMX background and a few years on the bigger wheels, so he has the varied experience to make this happen. With a company like Traitor/Transition behind that vision, this prototype will make it to the streets soon. I hope they are able to sell tons of them. It seems like the “fixie trixie” disipline of cycling is evolving quickly so we will see where this frame ends up.


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