How cool is cool?

How cool is cool? How uncool is cool? I am totally unsure. I play my life as cool as I could be and I hope for the best. I am alarmingly aware of how uncool I am to some people, and I have a hard time understanding how some people think I am cool. How does this confession fit into a review of a bike saddle? This one made me really dig deep into my cycling soul, and made me examine what cool really means when it comes to my bike.

NewImagethanks to twotoneatl for the photo

Vaunted saddle manufacturer Selle Royal dug deep into their inner Elvis to release a saddle that harkens back to ultra short seat posts, wooden cycling shoes, and plastic bar tape of the 1970s. The Contour Royal is a re-creation of a classic 70’s saddle with lighter materials and an eye on the past.

The reflection on my coolness came with a 5mm allen in my hand. I had to exchange my beautiful Brooks B-17, which was designed in the 1890s and has been aged to perfection in order to ride a saddle that was discontinued while I was in elementary school.

With the 395g microtex covered saddle on its new perch, I was off for some riding around town on my grocery getter. While my coolness was in doubt, my underside was happy.

Unlike my Brooks, this saddle was almost instalny comfortable and felt very smooth as I shifted my weight around on the bike. As I have said about saddles in the past, they should disappear from your mind while you are riding. That is how you know how it fits and if it is a good saddle for you. This saddle came pretty close to passing this test. The saddle did catch some grime and scratches easily since it is white, but most of the marks came off with some warm water.

The $59 price tag runs a bit cheaper than the Brooks, but with a weight difference of four-five ounces between the two saddles, the coolness of reaching back to the 1970s is lost on me when my Brooks is still calling my name.

My personal feelings aside, the saddle functions well and would be the perfect topping for a retro influenced build.


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