Bike Theft How To

I am not sure of the connection between two high profile local bike thefts in the last few weeks, but this craigslist post is a great primmer for anyone who is thinking about stealing bikes in the city.

Personally, I am not sure if woudl be as nice. Sometimes creativity is a perfect outlet for stealing bike parts.

While you are at it, keep an eye out for Roland’s bike. This was stolen from the storefront window of RELoad. It is a Bilenky track bike with S and S couplers. Even if the fools tried to paint it, the couplers and lack of brake drilling will hopefully give it away. If you see this around, put a lock on it, or knock the rider off. You will be well rewarded.

We are still looking for Kristins favorite cross bike. Kristin is the director of Gearing-Up who does so much good for women in our city, but some thief decided to tept karmic fate by taking her bike from her house. Lock this bike up if you see it.


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