Non intended use

It seems that all of my rides involve seeking out unpaved trails or roads. If the map shows that a route is unimproved or mixed terrain that is what I aim for. My ride routes look more like battenkill or some of the euro spring classics. I don’t know where the interest in this type of riding came from. Maybe my bike handling skills are more challenged than the super smooth tarmac most roadies seek. Maybe it comes from the all day fishing trips with my dad when I was younger. 30 miles of back country roads on a BMX bike with fishing gear and lunch slung across my back may have been a good base for my current style of riding.
I don’t think my bike came with a manual, but I am sure I am violating some terms of use for my tires, wheels, chamois or some part I don’t even know I have.

The number one accessory that I have that keeps me enjoying this type of riding is my fenders. Some people think that it is a sin to have fenders on their road bike, and some people have commented on my fenders, but i know they keep some really awful rock and debris from contacting my frame. They of course are very useful when I hit an extended wet patch out on my rides.

Take your bike off road. You will be surprised how awesome it really is.


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