Launch This

I am not a gravity guy, but I might have to up my life insurance and borrow some poor suckers bike to go out and ride the new Launch park at spring Mountain. This Saturday the 22nd is the official opening of this new park in the Philly Suburbs.

With all of the building they have been doing out there, it seems like this will be the best season yet. I am excited to get up there some weekend to throw myself down the hill. Maybe I should just stick to taking pictures…

If you want to be some of the first down the hill, head out to spring mounain on this saturday at 10, weather permitting. The park will be closed on Sunday, April 23 in observance of Easter Sunday. We will be open every Saturday and Sunday through fall from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm (weather and trail conditions permitting.) Based on rider interest, there may also be an evening or two added to the schedule during the season as the days get longer.
2011 lift tickets will be $25.00 per day and 10 ticket plans may be purchased for $199.00! Get together with your buddies and score enough tickets for the whole season!
This year Launch will be featuring some brand new trails, improvements to existing trails, new stunts, a Dedicated jump line, and bike hooks on every third lift chair. Follow them on facebook and check in with them on their site.
If you were foolish enough to read this far, here is a coupon to go ride the park. $5 off.

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