Steel is Real Time Trial

Dust this guy off.

Mike of Trophy, and Ron of Tri State Velo are having a time trial for all of us steel bike riders! That is right, on Saturday June 4, The 8mile official time trial will kick off the TD Bank classic race. This year there is a twist, there is going to be a vintage bike/all steel bike category. That is right, no carbonium forks or frames. The only carbon here has been bonded with iron and forged into tubes long ago.

I am sure there will be a few burners out there on some classic bikes, or maybe their new one. I could think of a few steel riders who will be chomping at the bit to destroy these 8 miles.

I will be there making sure that no one else has to finish last. I might even take my fenders off to save some seconds. If you want to register for any part of the time trail, check out this link to bikereg.

This might be the most expensive race I am ever in. $28 for 8 miles is a ton of scratch, and the same dollar to mile ratio of the wellness challenge the next day where for $45 you could have the pleasure of riding the whole course for one hour and you get a t-shirt. I hope that jawn is from Rapha, because a 13 mile non timed, non charity ride is an absolute rip off.

2 Responses to “Steel is Real Time Trial”
  1. Greets… thanks for the note…. yeah, sorry about the high price of reg — but this is in big-city philly, and the organizers, Tri-State Velo, have to pay for a ton of cops, ambulance, EMTs drinking Slurpees and all that!

    One small correxn — the correct address to register is:

    and polish the rust off those dropouts, gents ladies
    DO NOTE we are also offering prizes for best dressed guy and gal–so handwash your vintage jerseys while you are about it….

  2. Eli Cormier says:

    I want to buy either that front wheel off of you, or either that rear wheel off of you. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

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