Two flats and an escort home

My ride got delayed by my travel for the day, then as I got to my parents house, the skies looked insane and a rain storm commenced. Since I was not about to go out in something that looked like the day after tomorrow, I did what any other self respecting sloth would do, I took a nap.

Like Alice, I woke up to a whole new world free of crazy clouds and lightning. I got my fancy pants and tap shoes on quickly and headed out the door. My dad, sitting in the backyard, warned me about the impending darkness. I was able to convince him to meet me on my route around the time the dark would settle in.

With my ride home secured, I was free to go longer than intended and actually complete a pretty good ride, or so I thought.

I was set off to ride towards the setting sun in the western mountains. I had my eyes on a local lake as my rendezvous point with my pops.

In my haste to leave, I did not inflate my tires which left we with a good back tire, but a low front tire. This is usually not an issue, but if you ride like a blind bull, which I have been accused of, sometimes when reaching the golden calf that is 30mph, you hit a rock so hard  it sends you realling and jailbreaks the air of your tire from its butyl walled internment.

I was on a remote stretch of road by design and I had everything I needed to fix the flat, so there was no worries. I was sure to do this quickly so that I could get moving along in the northern direction for the rest of the ride.

As I rode a bit further, some of the signs said that the road ahead was closed. This road is all dirt and potholes. The train tracks are the only thing separating the road from the river so it floods often. It is also at the bottom of a steep escarpment which seems to add more water to this pitted road, and also drops some large boulders to the road below so closing it may be the best scenario to keep cars from being stuck along this road and allowing illegal dumpers more access to soil the beautiful surroundings.

Knowing what was ahead, and following the trail to meet my father and avoid the setting sun, I had to keep my momentum heading north. The road is a bit difficult to ride on a road bike, but it is totally worth the risk. I have ridden this route many times, as my family had a cabin at this lake for years, and I love going up there. This time I was not as lucky as the others. I ended up with a second flat.

This flat was on the rear, and as before it was not hard or anything to change, but it did bring my fresh inventory of tubes from 4 at the start to 2 now. I had no spare tubes, just the two in the chamber so to speak.

With my other tubes at the mercy of this pretty rough road, the fact that my dad does not own a cell phone, and the idea of walking in my tap shoes in the dark on a remote road, I decided to turn around and head for home.

I gingerly got back to the tarmac with my tail between my legs. Once I hit the hard stuff, I really put the pedals into super spin mode trying to make a good shot at getting home before my dad left.

Along the ride, my dads big white boat of a

Buick came around the bend heading north as I was headed south. I rode along a bit then waited for him to let him know that I was alright but was down two fresh tubes so I had turned around and headed home. I figured he would go along and I would see him for dinner.

Instead he drove ahead every few miles and waited for me to come into sight, then drove along, waiting for me at semi regular mile markers. We used to ride these same roads on single speed bikes back in the day. Me on my BMX, he on his 60s cruiser heading out to some remote location on the river to fish and skip rocks. He used to ride ahead a bit and wait for me to come into sight then…somethings never change.


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