Karmic repay ride

What have I done to deserve this? An old friend of mine offered up his spot on the captain saddle of a tandem for a simple jaunt of around 130 or so miles with thousands of feet of climbing. I am flattered to be added to this roster of some of the best riders on the east coast, but in no way deserve it. I guess it is sometimes simply in who you know.  Have they noticed that I feel the fattest I have ever felt and I take recovery drinks after climbing stairs? Do they need someone to laugh at? Did they find out that as much as I like to point fun at their product, I am actually in awe of how they built their brand? I think I figured out that the real reason I will be on this ride is that Rapha is starting a plus sized line and they need to see exactly how a true fat guy like me sweats. I am honored to help fatties everywhere squeeze into the most elegant cycling attire ever dispatched to our grimy hands.

If I think that I am paying off some Karmic debt by taking this ride, because as we know it is supposed to be all about suffering. I could only imagine what my poor partner has done in their life to be subjected to mile after mile of sitting inches from lycra shodden bottom.

I will keep you updated as the week progresses. Lets see if I even make it to the start line, because making it to the finish in one piece is about as likely as me exploring mars or acting as Angelina Jolies stunt double.

One Response to “Karmic repay ride”
  1. Jed Kornbluh says:

    You can’t quit and you won’t want to – it’s too much fun. I’ll also be there for give you encouragement from the comfort of my car, Cyrille Guimard style. Didn’t Yoda have something to say about suffering and it leading one to the Dark Side – well then, welcome Lord PJ.

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