Thirsty Thursday

While I am back at my diggs, I am still adjusting to missing some time at work while being home and generally worried about stuff back there. I am trying to put a good face on and not front like I am nervous about a bunch of things, but you can only control what is in front of you….Right?

What is in front of me is heaps of work for my real job and some other stuff I need to get done for my photo show tomorrow at Human Zoom in Manayunk. I have been shooting for years and tomorrow is the first time I will have any of my pictures printed and some people even coming to see them. I really hope people show up and maybe even take one or two of my visual drivel pieces home with them.

As far as my exercise goes for today, I took out the single speed on a 5 mile lunchtime exploration. I rode the Green trail that is part of the Wiss watershed trail system. Out here in the burbs there are trails everywhere. I really need to explore more of them.

The trail I ride today was a good mix of rocks and roots with some bridges and water crossings thrown in. It is a great little loop and with only a little bit of elevation change, it is a great place for me to test out my new single speed build and it will be a great place to cross train once it drys out a bit more.

Rigid 29er single speed

In terms of drying out, I left the water at home in order to get out the door faster. Don’t ever do that. I should know better, but it can be a hassle to fill the water and go instead of just go. Especailly when you only have a limited amount of time. I was hurting on my climb back to the house and any longer out there could have been bad for me. Live and learn and prep in the morning.

The bike felt great, although in my haste, I didn’t up the pressure in the rear wheel. I really felt that. I also need wider bars, especially for single speed. A longer seat post to compensate for the extra long White Industries cranks should round it all out, but it is rideable the way it is now.

I want to keep up these lunchtime workouts when I can. I planned on swimming with the lady tonight, but a swim meet canceled that. I thought I would get two workouts in, but I worked on my show instead. Maybe tomorrow.  89/90


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