What a pace I feel like I have been going at. Work, family, and the other commitments that make me tick. It could be overbearing at times and I feel that things I really care about get pushed aside, but adulthood should be called priorityhood. You gotta just set the right things in order and forget the rest.
On the way to T-town the other night to relax and watch some kieren racing, I got a phone call. A call that sounded bad from the start and because it was my sisters voice I knew it was about one of my parents.
With a gas tank on warning light empty and head not prepared for what I was heading towards, I drove past my intended exit and made my way to the hospital.
Everyone hates hospitals, but this one is especially bad for me. I just think of everyone dying in this fortress built into the mountain. My first “family” death was there when a family friend I called uncle Jerry got in a fight with colon cancer that he lost. The place just always had this feeling of a rainy Sunday after church visiting someone who was going to be taken from me.
Whatever, I’m an adult now and have adult things to do like asses the mom situation.
Turns out she had some heart issues that they had to sort out but she’s going to be fine. These kind of events scare us all and make us look inside. Especially myself because I see myself headed to that hospital bed if I don’t get stuff in check.
Today starts 90 days of working out and blogging. It just so happens to be the first but more importantly its the day my mom was released from the hospital. I made some deals with powers greater than me and i cant back out now.
I was able to squeeze an hour on the bike over some serious hills and on a nice jaunt around the lake. I spent some time chasing a group but ended up going my own way. I need a group to push me, but they didn’t seem like the right ones.
Instead I explored some of the hills around Harveys lake.
I found a new favorite gravel climb al a Rapha epics even with a goat to warn you of the start of the gravel patch. Cool stuff.
If you want to keep up with me check strava,twitter,my fitness plan, and Facebook.
Also come out to my photo show this Friday if you are a Philly local.  90/90



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