Art show

I am the bigger one in plaid talking to longtime friend and superstar wrench spinner, Jude

My first solo Photo show was tonight. Sure it was in a bike shop and sure it was put on by a friend and sure really only my friends showed up, but I am really psyched for how it all turned out. I ended up selling three pieces. I thought they were the best shots and the buying public agreed.

I want to thank Stan and the staff of Human Zoom for the space and all that contributed with your help or your attendance at the show.

I have some pieces for sale still. I will pack and ship them just about anywhere for $35. They are digital prints (10.5″x7″) on high quality standard sized (16″x20″) matts. You could frame them with something from IKEA or you could head off to your local framer and they could make you a quality frame for it. It is not in my plans to reprint any of the photos that I showed, so you are getting a one off. These are obviously much crisper and more colorful than these quick shots of them are. You will be happy with them!


ImageAs for working out…that was relegated to making sure everything got to the shop on time and some of the other parts that needed to fall into place did.

It was worth the break from working out since everything went so well, but I would have loved to take a few laps on the mountain bike to ease the stress. Maybe next time I will plan a bit better.

Eating wise…ehh I drank a ton of water today but I grabbed a few slices of tomato pie at the show and then went to dinner with some friends afterwards to grab some Chinese at Han Dynasty. I think I sweated out the day with their super hot food.


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