Old Head

This past Sunday, I helped out at the super sale event of Keswick Cycle. I have not worked a Super Sale in a while. When I was a super part timer there, I think super sale took a few days off my life and for sure pushed my wife to the brink a few times. She would often just escape somewhere fun because four days of me coming home dead to the world was just not worth sticking around.

This time I decided to help out for one day because it is literally all I had. I of course did not prep and had to search for an appropriate shirt for the day. I found a trusty shop shirt but realized that it was not appropriate to wear to the shop and on to find something else to cover myself with that was up to shop standards. I decided on my humping bunny Cannondale shirt. We in the bike industry are all 14yr old boys….right Bike Shop Girl?

As expected. the morning was a bit slow, but I did change a few lives by talking about the benefits of clip less pedals and some of my favorite systems.

Friends don’t let friends clip in with plastic.

I had some test rides go out, sold some folks on replacement parts to make their ride better and helped on particularly nice couple into two new bikes and all the gear it takes to ride them.

What’s with these kids these days?

That is the reason I have stayed in the bike industry so long. The fact that simply buying a bike changes how people see the world is so awesome.

Part way through the day, I realized that besides one legendary individual, I was the official old head at the shop that day. I was the guy that they looked to for advice.

I met some great new “kids” that will take over the shop and are officially the new class of Keswick employees. It is like this every few years and I have been back to shops where I used to be a staple, but now not a soul recognises me. It is strange, but the feeling that life goes on and there are folks willing and eager to take over the lost roles in the bike shop is comforting.

I was also the guy who couldn’t use the computer but figured out what was wrong with a customers cleats. Does it mean I am hanging on too long, or like a customer said….”you are perfect at this job” and it is where I should be if even just for a little while at a time.


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