Green Ribbon for exploring

One of the two crossings I encountered. The other one did not have stepping stones, but there is a sign that says they are coming back.

I got a glimpse of the trail system near our somewhat new house last week. I wanted to get out and do some more exploring on it. Since we are in August now, it is cross time so I took out the single speed cross bike and hit up this hint of green trail that I saw the other day.

After a quick creek crossing, I was off on some double track riding. This trail led to some pretty flat but twisty single track that snaked in and out of the woods all while running along the Wissahickon creek and into some neighborhoods.

There is one dangerous street crossing that I encountered, but beyond that, and the golfers slicing some balls in the woods, the trail is a great ride and pretty quiet.

All in all, it seems a little under used, but I could see great potential use for myself. I can not wait to have something quick to hit for night riding this winter. The creek crossing may need a roundabout if we actually get some cold weather, but it is better than getting in a car to get a ride in.

trail tested for centuries

trail tested for centuries

I am going to take some time this week and ride the trail all the way down to Forbidden drive. It is a nice way to get some cross practice in and also find an off road alternative to riding into the city. It might not be the fastest method, but I will make it work.

If you are going to attempt this ride, you should be on a cross bike or a mountain bike. Also be prepared to walk some sections and know that there will be mud in some areas because it does sit pretty low and close to the creek.

There are some off shoot trails that I will explore on my mountain bike in the near future.

After the ride, the lady and I tailgated (sat on the tailgate of my Element) with some healthy fruit and nut laden salad from an unhealthy food establishment. then took a good walk around a beautiful park and trail system that is near our newish digs. I need to explore the great trail system that seems to wander through the Lansdale area. This park was in downtown Lansdale, yet in a few steps you were off into pretty deep woods on a well maintained loop.

The wet areas had well maintained and really well done walking bridges as pictured at right. There are some blind corners so be careful on a bike there.

I think tomorrow will involve a run on these trails.


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