Bottom 2%

I went on a ride with my buddy Marc. We used to teach together and he is often game for a good ride. He never complains that I take him in awful directions or generally cause him to ride beyond his comfort level. I am pretty sure that if or when he upgrades his bike, he is going to be killing it. He is already the man on a 15 year old trek. I could only imagine him with some disc brakes and a good fork.

We used Strava for the ride, but my iPhone needs to be replaced because it keeps just randomly shutting down on me. We missed half our ride, but it captured me enough to prove that I am beyond what the rest of you mortals are…I am in the 2%. If I keep messing around my motorcycle 1% friends might have an issue with this blog.

I am in the bottom two percent of some sections of my ride. I think it is because I was waiting for Marc at some spots. There are flat spots of time where I know I was waiting. I will go back out and do that ride again sometime and try it on my own. I should see a different result than I have now.

The best part of being the bottom 2% is that the next 98% better watch their KOM. I am coming for it and I might bring some buddies along for the ride.


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